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Official soundtrack created for HAWKEN: a free to play multiplayer first person shooter from Adhesive Games for PC that places you inside a mechanized war machine on the battlefield of a dystopian world called Illal.


Brainsss is an iOS game developed by Lonely Few that takes a lighthearted and unexpected take on the zombie vs. humans genre. Each level theme has its own distinct, related music for a memorable experience.

The Game of Life

The Game of Life Zapped Edition from Hasbro brings a digital spin to the classic traditional board game. Use your iPad in the center of the game board to enjoy animations, music, and sound that accompany your actions in the game.

Beast Boxing

Beast Boxing 3D is a first-person boxing game for iOS devices from the fine folks at Goodhustle Studios. Music tracks were created for the game to coincide with shifting moods, intensity, and importance of the fights.


"... [the soundtrack] provided Hans Zimmer magnitude ..."

EDGE Magazine

#246, November 2012

"... elegiac soundtrack you'd expect to hear playing over a summer blockbuster trailer."

EDGE Magazine

#246, November 2012

Open Projects

This section will eventually contain full-length soundtracks that are searching for the perfect project to be paired with. This is an experiment of ours that allows us full creative freedom during the writing process, with the hopes that we can find their "soul mate" projects afterwards. We're currently hard at work on a few themed scores.

Project 009

We're currently writing material. Stay tuned...

Project 010

We're currently writing material. Stay tuned...

Project 011

We're currently writing material. Stay tuned...